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Google Gearing Up To Fire 10,000 Workers

Google is reportedly the next tech company preparing to sack thousands of workers.

Managers have been directed to use a new performance management tool to categorise 6 per cent of their employees, amounting to roughly 10,000 people across the company, as “low performers” in regards to their overall impact on the business.

The ‘Google Reviews and Development’ (GRAD) program is a performance management system implemented in May to replace the company’s previous tradition of twice-annual performance reviews.

Under the new system, managers sort employees into different baskets.

In previous performance reviews, managers were expected to only put 2 per cent of employees in this “low performers” category.

This new directive clearly has a purpose.

“Earlier this year, we launched Googler Reviews and Development (GRAD) to help employee development, coaching, learning and career progression throughout the year,” Google said in a statement.

“The new system helps establish clear expectations and provide employees with regular feedback.”

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