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Google Fitbit Takeover Delayed By ACCC

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The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has delayed its ruling on Google’s proposed takeover of fitness wearables manufacturer, Fitbit, by another four months.

The news comes after the European Commission announced last week it would engage in-depth investigation into the proposed takeover, prompting speculation both regulators would consult on the decision.

The ACCC launched its investigation into Google’s US$2.1 billion takeover of Fitbit around six months ago, taking the new extension to a notable 10 month saga.

Both the ACCC are European Commission (EC)  remain focused on the risks to localised consumers, with data security and privacy provisions between Fitbit and Google following the deal a core consideration.

Though Google has pledged to restrict its data collection provisions for Fitbit devices, EC Commissioner Margrethe Vestager asserts the investigation will seek to ensure the transaction does not distort competition.

“Throughout this process we have been clear about our commitment not to use Fitbit health and wellness data for Google ads and our responsibility to provide people with choice and control with their data,” said Google in a statement.

Vestager considers the data silo commitment proposed by Google “insufficient” to clearly dismiss “series doubts” related to the effects of the transaction.

The ACCC is also grappling with Google and Facebook over their compensation of media company content, and the proposed news media code of conduct.

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