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Google Eye LG For New Pixel

While last year’s Pixel smartphone was marketed as the Android experience designed by Google, the nuts and bolts of the machine were actually built by HTC.

However, that could be set to change according to new reports out of DigiTimes and Chinese news source The Commercial Times.

The reports say that HTC has shipped over 2.1 million units of 5-inch Pixel and 5.5-inch Pixel XL to Google since their launch in September 2016 but that several companies are vying for the contract for devices beyond that.

They list LG, TCL and Coolpad as potential candidates, saying “LG is more likely to win orders for the next-generation Pixel smartphones, dubbed tentatively Pixel 3.”

According to the report, orders for the Pixel 3 are expected to push past the 5 million mark – further positioning Google as a serious competitor to Apple and Samsung.

All this said, regardless of which company picks up a paycheque to manufacture the Pixel it’s unlikely that Google will allow them to brand the device. HTC’s involvement in the first Pixel phone hardly merited a peep from either them or Google. Given their success with that strategy, it’s difficult to imagine them changing course now.

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