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Google Enhances Interconnectivity Across Android Devices

Google is planning to enhance how Android devices connect and work with each other, and is focusing on making Android devices more user-friendly and interconnected with its new features and updates.

Google Play services has had recent updates, with developments aimed at improving the way Android and ChromeOS devices communicate.

The latest version, 24.06.12, introduces an updated “cross-device service,” which is now called “Devices and Sharing”, and introduces call transfer, hotspot sharing, and Wi-Fi sharing features.

The call transfer feature allows a call to be moved from one device to another without dropping it, provided that both devices are linked to the same Google account.

Hotspot sharing allows one device to control another’s Wi-Fi hotspot connection.

Wi-Fi sharing makes it easier to share Wi-Fi passwords between devices (apart from QR code sharing).

Google is also working on “Device Groups” which will let users group multiple devices under one Google account.

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