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Google Could Be Ready To Move Into Smart Glasses

After the failure of Google Glass, the company hasn’t yet spoken of a follow-up product that would wade into the AR or smart glasses territory.

However, with the launch of Google Tensor, its in-house processor, there may just be a future in AR for the tech giant.

Rick Osterloh, the Senior VP, Devices and Services at Google, told Business Insider today that the company’s “first custom-built system on a chip” could end up being behind a push back to smart glasses.

He called Google Tensor a “perfect foundation for making big improvements in AR”, explaining how “AR incorporates a lot of machine learning techniques to be able to understand what’s happening.”

He then spoke of object recognition in Google Lens, saying that smart glasses will be “very useful” in the long term.

“Without a doubt, sometime in the future, there will be the ability to have those experiences on different devices too,” he said. “But for now I think your phone is the most relevant place where you’ll see a lot of them show up.”

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