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Google Chromecast With VR Technology Is Improving Fitness

Google Chromecast, the affordable content streaming service can now be paired with Daydream VR headsets to create an immersive experience when using a Daydream capable Android mobile connected via a HDMI plug that comes in the package.

Combined  the Chromecast and the Google VR services app lets users cast and project what they are seeing onto a VR headsets.

Imagery Credited to Google

Pairing Chromecast to a Google Cardboard or a Daydream headset makes it simpler for those who have never played before to view how VR games play out.

Those who aren’t playing can still become a part of the game.

The combination is already being used as a tool for personal trainers and intense workout sessions.

VR Fitness insider just covered a story on exerciser and game creator Will Brierly, who lost 50-lbs by using the bike to exercise via Chromecast display. Trainers now can determine a client’s fitness level just through this technology. Placing weight goals and achievements on a television screen can benefit clients, as well as reinforce healthier lifestyles.

Google is looking forward to the day Chromecast becomes compatible with a wider range of VR Headsets. There are already plans to add a simple adaptor to the VR set to help motivate more people to exercise no matter where they go.

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