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Google And Samsung Have Teamed Up To Take On The Apple Watch

Google and Samsung have combined the best aspects of Wear and Tizen into a single, unified platform, under the Google Wear banner.

The new Wear software was revealed at the Google I/O conference, with three key promises: faster performance, longer battery life, and a developer community that can customise the user experience.

Bjorn Kilburn, Director of Product Managementm Wear, at Google, explained in a blog post this final aspect, writing:

“This isn’t just for Google and Samsung. All device makers will be able to add a customized user experience on top of the platform, and developers will be able to use the Android tools they already know and love to build for one platform and ecosystem. And because of these benefits, you will have more options than ever before, whether it’s choosing which device to buy or picking which apps and watch faces to display.”

Janghyun Yoon, EVP and Head of S/W Platform Team at Samsung called this “the new era of smartwatch innovation”, adding: “We know that health and wellness are at the forefront of consumers’ minds, and we’re excited to continue building the industry-leading health experience on our new unified platform with Google.

“As our consumers turn to wearable technology to monitor their wellbeing, we’re meeting these needs head on. By creating world-class health technology, we hope to elevate how users approach to their wellbeing, and enable them to make positive changes in their everyday lives.”

Apple currently have a strong foothold on the wearables market, but this teaming will no doubt cause more than a few tense discussions in the Apple offices over the next week.

To find out more, watch the developer keynote and technical session “Now is the time: what’s new with Wear” from Google I/O.

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