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Google & Amazon End Content Feud New Content Deals Now Available

Arch enemies in the content market Google and Amazon have smoked a peace pipe and are now looking to deliver on-demand video services to each other’s TV platforms.

The move comes as Apple and Disney get close to launching new Content streaming services.

Effective immediately Amazon’s Prime Video app is now available on Chromecast dongles and will be available for Android-powered televisions such as Philips and Hitachi as well as and set-top boxes such as Fetch TV.

Google has also launched an official YouTube app for Fire TV devices and is promising a child-centric YouTube Kids edition later in the year.

The deal follows a major stand-off that began in 2015.

The dispute started when Amazon refused to sell Google’s Chromecast products on its online store.

It then escalated in 2017 when the search giant first pulled YouTube off Amazon’s Echo Show smart screens and then did likewise with the Fire TV range.

The first evidence that the spat might be resolved came in December 2018 when Amazon began stocking Chromecast products again.

Then in April 2019, the two sides confirmed their feud was at an end after signing an agreement to provide each other access to their respective video services.

What is not known from the press release issued last night is whether YouTube will be available on Echo Show, nor do they mention Amazon Prime coming to Google’s rival Nest Hub smart displays.

Amazon still does not sell any of Google’s smart speakers or screens although it does stock other Nest-branded devices.

Observers claim that they are amazed as to why the spat took so long to resolve.

Since the row flared Amazon’s position in on-demand video has become considerably stronger – and I think that’s a big factor in this apparent truce.

Amazon hasn’t said how many users its Prime Video service has, but it’s available to all of its Prime members, of which there are now more than 100 million.

They enjoy – award show judges will tell you – some of the most talked-about television being produced today. And so, it was becoming increasingly risky for Google to not have Prime Video available on the Chromecast.

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