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Get Your Shopticals On: Myer Sets Up World-First VR Store

Major Australian retail group Myer has clinched a deal with eBay to set up and operate what’s claimed to be the world’s first virtual-reality online store. It uses technology designed by eBay to allow a number of groups to try VR online retailing.

Myer has 12,600 products available in its eBay store. The top 100 are in 3D and can be selected by shoppers by simply looking at them – VR users say the products appear to float towards them.

Observing the VR store involves donning a pair of virtual reality goggles. Myer is offering 15,000 such goggles, which it terms “shopticals”, free of charge.

Owners of the shopticals must first download eBay’s VR Department Store app and then insert their smartphone into the shopticals to start their virtual shopping.

Purchasing is said to be as simple as the viewer shifting their gaze to an “Add to Basket” icon, which will take them to eBay app where they can complete purchases. Delivery of goods ordered online is promised in one to two days.

 Said Myer CEO Richard Umbers: “Our customers can now immerse themselves in the experience of shopping inside a Myer store from wherever they may be, with product information updated in real time to ensure everyone can keep up with the latest offers.

“This showcases a department store that can bring the love of shopping to life across both physical and digital environments.”

In the US, businesses including Ikea, hardware group Lowe’s and adventure wear outfitter North Face are also trialling virtual reality systems.

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