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Gerry Harvey Votes For A Dictator

Forget about Malcolm Turnbull or Bill Shorten, what Harvey Norman Chairman, Gerry Harvey is calling for is a dictator to run Australia, “like China” he claimed today.

Exasperated with Australian governance in the wake of what is likely to be another hung parliament, Gerry Harvey has hit out a politicians claiming that the Country was run better 11 years ago when John Howard was Prime Minister and he had control of the upper House and The Senate’

“The only cure we’ve got is to have a dictator like in China or something like that. Our democracy at the moment is not working.”
he told News Corp.

Mr Harvey said the last PM who was able to run the country effectively was John Howard, who governed for 11 years and with a majority in both houses from 2004 to 2007.

On Friday Gerry said that sales had been impacted at Harvey Norman by the 8-week election campaign.

In other election news Tony Windsor from New England who during the election campaign was waffling on about the NBN has been soundly beaten by Barnaby Joyce.

Meanwhile Malcolm Turnbull, is looking like a lame duck former Prime Minister, who after plotting with several MP’s including baby faced Wyatt Roy the former Minister for Innovation, Peter Hendy the former member for Eden Monaro, to dump former Prime Minister Tony Abbott, they have now lost their seats.

Turnbull is also struggling to come to grips with the fact that he relied on back room advice that he “had the election in the bag” mid last week to discover on polling day that this was not the case.

Fairfax Media wrote Coup plotter Peter Hendy was an early victim. “I am very proud of the campaign my team and I waged,” the now ex-member for Eden Monaro said. “We focused on policy and presented a positive plan, but above all, we retained our honesty and integrity.”

Sure you did, Pete. Right up until the moment the knife went in.

Baby-faced assassin Wyatt Roy, rewarded for his backstabbing by being appointed Assistant Minister for Innovation, now he is working on how to innovate his way into alternative employment, or maybe his mate Turnbull will find him a job as an advisor.

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