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Gerry Harvey, Last Week He Was Flogging Wagyu Beef, This Week It’s Cucumbers For School Kids

Last week he was flogging premium Wagyu beef after a Chinese ban on one of his abattoir investments went pear shaped, this week Harvey Norman CEO Gerry Harvey is trying to get schoolchildren to love cucumber and parents to invest in putting “qukes” in their lunch packs.

Gerry reckons he has around 30 per cent of the baby cucumber market in Australia after he teamed up with convicted Kleenmaid appliance boss Andrew Young a former director of bankrupt appliance business Kleenmaid who recently got several years in the slammer and is no longer growing cucumbers for Gerry.

Gerry Harvey became the flowerpot man after Gerry gave the disgraced Young a job running his NSW, agricultural business.

Andrew Young was convicted on 20 criminal charges in Queensland following the $100M collapse of the Queensland based Kleenmaid business.

Harvey ordered the production system to grow the cucumbers from Holland for his artisanal hydroponic operation.

“No one does it better than Holland and this goes way back to the tulips,” he told a BDO agtech webinar.

Gerry told people recently that he had researched school playground dietary habits by putting a tomato, a cucumber, a grape and whatever else into a food box for lunch.

“And whatever comes back the kids didn’t eat. I know the cucumbers they all love.

“They never come back. So, I go, I’ve got it!

“And so, when Mum goes to the grocery shop, the kids go ‘Don’t forget the qukes, Mum!’.”

On its best day he’s had a 30-tonne harvest.

“So, you’ve got 4000 packs to the tonne that sells for $2.99, $3.99 or $4.99, depending on where you buy it.”

So as JB Hi Fi outperforms The Harvey Norman Group Gerry has at least a fall back…. Cucumbers…tons of them.

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