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Games Dev Survey Shows PC Is Still King

A recent survey taken by Statistica at this year’s Game Developers Conference in San Francisco shows that when it comes to the people developing video games, the PC market is still the first port of call.

All told, PC and Mac accounted for 53% of the development pie. This is likely due to both the ease of developing for the PC and the sheer size of it.

According to SuperData, the PC gaming market was worth $36 billion in 2016.

Behind in second place was mobile gaming. Notably, Sony’s Playstation 4 beat out the Xbox by approximately five points, with VR projects also ahead of Microsoft’s console.

Also interesting is the presence of the Nintendo Switch at the very bottom of the rankings. While the timing of the survey may have stacked the deck against Nintendo here, it is boggling to think of the company’s latest console as one that’s less than half as popular among developers as Linux.

GDC 2017 took place earlier this month. The yearly conference attracteed ovr 27,000 attendees in

2016. Statistics for this year’s event are not available at the time of writing.

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