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Galaxy S7 Set To Correct Samsung Nose Dive

Galaxy S7 Set To Correct Samsung Nose Dive

Evolution, and sheer power could be the one thing that pulls Samsung back from a nose dive at the top end of the smartphone market.

With IDC numbers revealing a significant fall in sales of Samsung smartphones in Australia, between Q2 and Q4 2015 the new Galaxy S7 which is the best smartphone I have ever had in my hands could be the smartphone that pulls Samsung numbers back up.

The new S7 look similar to the Galaxy S6 but that’s where the difference stops. 

Apple and Alcatel were the only two smartphone brands to grow in last two quarters of 2015 according to IDC Data.  
Both the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, contain processors more powerful than that used in Apple’s iPhone 6s and 6s Plus and while I cannot go into any more detail until tomorrow I can say that the battery life on my S7 is seriously good to the extent that several Apple owners that I have shown the device to are now considering a switch.

What Samsung has done is evolve everything from the software, to battery life to functionality. 

Samsung launched the two new phones last month in Barcelona, the Australian models, contain a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset.
The Snapdragon 820 chip is slightly more powerful than Apple’s A9 chip used in its latest 6s generation of handsets, which in turn performs better than the Exynos 8809 set, according to benchmark listings from AnTuTu.
The benchmarking site gave the Qualcomm chipset a score of 136,383 in terms of performance, just ahead of Apple’s A9 processor. The Samsung Exynos 8890 was slightly behind with 129,865.
The forthcoming modular LG G5, which features two rear-facing 8MP and 16MP cameras: one normal, one capable of 135 dgeree wide-angle shots, will also feature a Snapdragon 820 processor.
Apple who along with Alcatel were the only smartphone providers who grew market share in Australia in the last two quarters of 2015 is reported to be planning to launch a 4-inch iPhone, dubbed the iPhone SE or special edition, at an event in San Francisco on March 21.
The new handset is rumoured to feature a 12-MP rear-facing camera, a near-field communication (NFC) chip for Apple Pay support and a Touch ID fingerprint scanner.


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