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Logic3 Channel Ferrari In New Headphones

Which one is for you?

It’s the details that set these headphones apart. The R300 looks to Ferrari’s illustrious career in Formula 1 and borrow the performance driven design akin to Ferrari’s Scuderia. Two generously-clad cups enclose your ears, while a swooning brace offers heavy-duty support. The brace is padded for comfort and eventually evolves into strong metallic arms. Unlike the T350’s—who prioritise style before function—these headphones fold-away for use on the go.

Logic3’s R300

The T350’s are a nod to Ferrari’s street machines. The generous leather used on the brace and on the plush cups brings to mind the interior of Ferrari’s 599—especially the beige set. The build quality is exceptional and it’s obvious a great deal of pride has gone into its production, even in details as small as the stitching. The same alloy is used for the metallic arms, which incidentally echoes the five spoke mag wheel of a 458 Italia.

Logic3’s T350s

Concentric circles on the closed caps draw lingering gazes to a silver prancing horse: the unmistakable Ferrari logo.

Under the Hood

Despite taking different design cues from Ferrari, the two headphones remain faithful to the company’s intoxicating performance by featuring 40mm drivers. The large drivers are encased in circumaural (over-the-ear) cups which snugly hug your ear in an effort to passively rid unwanted outside noises. Passive noise cancellation is a good thing, but Logic3 has gone one further by equipping these ‘phones with active noise cancellation technology. 

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With the soundstage free, the drivers can get to work crafting sweet melodies. Tracks are played with gusto and both the T350 and the R300 recreate a sense of depth by enhancing the low end. Fortunately the closed cups privatise your music because with these headphones, you’re never left wanting for volume.

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The Pit

Whether you end up with Logic3’s ode to Ferrari’s street machines, or its homage to the company’s stellar F1 career, rest assured your new pair of headphones will come well equipped. Their garage is a sturdy carry case distinguished by a Carbon Fibre weave. Resting inside are the performance headphones, three tangle-resistant cables, a 6.5mm jack and a dual-plug jack for use when you’re on a plane.

It’s uncommon for headphones to come with three cables, but these headphones are better for it as audio cables tend to go before the driver. The first cable houses an answer/hang up button (for Android, Windows and Blackberry devices), while the second throws in volume keys and is compatible with iOS devices, such as Apple’s iPhone, iPod or iPad.

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Logic3’s R300 and T350 are available now for $479 and $499 respectively.