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Future iMac Tipped To Feature Next Gen Processor But You Will Have To Wait

According to Bloomberg’s resident Apple expert Mark Gurman, Apple is still looking to release a high-end iMac, but likely not until the M3 processor range is ready and not until 2023.

If Apple is looking to make the next iMac a high-powered device, and Gurman’s speculation is true, the new all-in-one might feature an M3 Pro and an M3 Max. Gurman also says that there may also be a standard M3 powered iMac.

The flagship iMac however, would be the expected larger iMac, designed for the professional market in a price range below the Mac Studio and Studio Display.

“I also still believe that Apple is working on a larger-screened iMac aimed at the professional market. I’d imagine this will use a variation of the M3 chip, likely an M3 Pro and M3 Max. That would match the chips inside of the MacBook Pro. I don’t think the combination of a Mac Studio or Mac mini plus an Apple Studio Display cuts it for many pro users who want more screen real estate” says Gurman.

Apple is expected to bolster their recently released M2 range with an M2 Pro and M2 Max, however no real information regarding an M2 powered iMac exists.

Furthermore, the M3 powered iMac’s, as well as Gurman’s speculated iMac Pro wont be announced “anytime soon”, and is expected to drop at the end of 2023 at the very earliest.


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