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FujiFilm Launching 2 New Premium Digital Cameras, 1 Limited Edition Model

FujiFilm has revealed its new X100VI digital camera will be launched soon in Australia. It’s the latest X Series range of digital cameras, offering high-quality images, a compact size, a lightweight body, and FujiFilm’s colour reproduction technology.

Additionally, to celebrate the 90th anniversary of FujiFilm, a limited edition X100VI will also be released, with only 1,934 units available worldwide.

The first model in this series, the X100 was launch in 2011, and the series has since become highly acclaimed by global customers.

The X100VI is the 6th generation model, featuring the new 40.2 megapixel X-Trans CMOS 5 HR sensor, as well as the high-speed X-Processor 5 image processing engine.

For the first time, the new In-Body Stabilisation function with 6.0 stops has been incorporated, however the characteristic compact size and lightweight body has been maintained.

The numbered units of the limited edition version are packaged in a special box, including a special strap, soft release button, and history cards.

The camera body is engraved with the brand logo from the founding in 1934, as well as a unique serial number.

Anyone interested can register now for their chance to purchase this limited edition camera, from FujiFilm House of Photography online.

In terms of features, the X100VI is equipped with the back-illuminated X-Trans CMOS 5 HR sensor with 40.2 megapixels. When used together with the FUJINON XF23mmF2 R WR lens, and the ability to resolve higher resolution sensors, the X100VI can deliver sharp, hi-res images.

There are 20 Film Simulation modes, including the new ‘REALA ACE’ mode, offering true to life colour reproduction and high-contrast tonality.

An autofocus prediction algorithm has been incorporated for reliable focusing, even when recording continuously moving subjects.

The camera uses the X-Processor 5’s subject detection AF to accurately track various subjects, built using deep-learning AI technology.

FujiFilm X100VI

The ‘Advanced Hybrid Viewfinder’ allows the user to switch between the optical viewfinder (OVF) and the electronic viewfinder (EVF), which is equipped with a high-resolution OLED panel with approximately 3.69 million dots.

The ‘Electronic Range Finder’ (ERF) function allows a small EVF to be simultaneously displayed on the OVF, allowing the user to capture the subject in the OVF and magnify the in-focus area in the small EVF.

The X100VI is capable of 6.2K/30P movie recording as well as 4K/60P movie and 4:2:2 10-bit internal recording for the first time. It’s also equipped with a tracking AF function during movie recording.

It supports Frame.io Camera to Cloud without needing additional accessories. It allows users to wirelessly connect to an internet connection, authenticate to Frame.io, and automatically upload files moments after creation.

Aluminium has been used for the top and bottom surfaces of the body, and anodized aluminium is used on the surface.

The ultra-thin tilt LCD monitor can be stored in a fully flat position, and the body design allows for a range of shooting styles, from high to low angles.

The shape of the grip has been fine-tuned, and the position of the buttons on the back have been moved for easy operation with the right hand.

Fujifilm X100VI Limited Edition

Weather resistance is provided when the optional AR-X100 adapter ring and the PRF-49 protection filter are used with the lens, allowing the user to continue shooting.

The optional LH-X100 lens hood is also compatible, lightweight and crafted from machined metal, designed to include a slit so it doesn’t obstruct the field of view (FOV) when looking through the viewfinder.

Two types of conversion lenses allow the focal length to be changed without changing the optical performance. They are the wide conversion lens (WCL-X100 II), which multiplies the fixed focal length by approx. 0.8x, converting it to 28mm (35mm format equivalent), and the tele conversion lens (TCL-X100 II) for narrowing the FOV by multiplying the fixed focal length by approx. 1.4x, converting it to 50mm (35mm format equivalent).

Additionally, there’s an optional LC-X100V genuine leather case, and the memory card and battery can be inserted and removed without removing the camera from the case.

The Fujifilm X100VI will be available from the 28th February, 2024 for $2,899, and the Fujifilm X100VI Limited Edition will be available from the 28th March, 2024, retailing for $3,499.

General Manager of the Electronic Imaging & Optical Devices Division of FUJIFILM Australia, Shaun Mah said, “We’re thrilled to introduce the FUJIFILM X100VI, transcending photography into an art form. Following the buzz of its predecessor, the X100V, which captivated the photography community and trended across social media, the X100VI transforms everyday moments into extraordinary memories. This compact powerhouse, more than just a camera, is a creative companion for photographers, videographers, and even smartphone users seeking to elevate their craft.”

Fujifilm X100VI Limited Edition

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