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Foxtel Takes A Leaf Out Of NASA’s Vision With a New Hubbl Content Platform

NASA’s Hubble telescope is all about the future and new experiences and it appears that this did not go unnoticed at Foxtel who have named their new platform Hubbl.

Yesterday we exclusively revealed that Foxtel was set to use their gala media night in Sydney, to reveal the new name, with a brand-new puck new content operating system, and later a Glass TV set to be the first products to wear the new moniker.

The new platform is backed by global players including Comcast USA and Sky UK and will allow searching for content – both free and paid – to be much easier and also allow viewers to pick up watching content where it was left off.

According to Foxtel CEO Patrick Delany the new platform that will deliver a new way to buy access to streaming platforms will change the entertainment experience for the better for millions of Australians.

Hubbl, previously known as ‘Project Magneto,’ brings together paid and free streaming entertainment into the world’s best user interface eliminating the need to go in and out of apps to discover content.

The Hubbl experience is delivered via a world-leading entertainment operating system (OS), which will be available on a puck and later a TV will deliver consumers access to a universe of content, whilst unifying their subscriptions.

Backed by global leaders in entertainment technology – Comcast USA and Sky UK – Hubbl has world scale but has been designed for Australia. Hubbl will continuously evolve its entertainment OS with regular software updates, without

Foxtel management claims that Hubbl will fundamentally change the TV and streaming experience by making it easy to access paid and free shows and sports.

Hubbl is a small puck similar to Apple TV and Amazon’s Fire TV Cube, the big difference is that it is packed with cutting edge streaming technology and a unique OS that delivers a superior operating system than their competitors including Apple.

For those who want a display with the Hubble OS there will be Hubbl Glass – a world-class TV with Hubbl and a high-quality built-in sound bar that only requires an internet connection and a power cord to operate.

There is no TV antenna, or satellite connection.

Patrick Delany, CEO, Hubbl and Foxtel Group, said: “We all love the explosion of choice that streaming has delivered us over the past few years. But there is no doubt we are all experiencing the same frustrations: having to go in and out of apps, keeping track of show recommendations, remembering what we started but did not finish watching and who in the family is paying for what. Hubbl solves these frustrations.

“Hubbl is the next quantum leap in entertainment technology and is the solution to a complex Australian streaming landscape caused by the fabulous explosion of choice in streaming services available to Australians.

“Hubbl is like nothing in the market – ‘it is TV and streaming made easy’ – seamlessly integrating world-leading technology with a purpose-built design and unrivalled app integration that sets it well ahead of the curve.

“It has been built with Australian consumers in mind, effortlessly fusing free and paid entertainment and sport from apps, channels, and the internet into one seamless user experience – delivered via Hubbl Hub or a world leading TV, Hubbl Glass. It will deliver a frictionless paid and free entertainment environment, and we believe will become the heart of the home for millions of Australians.”

Hubbl will launch in Australia in the coming months.