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Former Tesla Worker Awarded Millions In Damages  

A black former Tesla worker subjected to racial abuse has been awarded a whopping USD$130 million in damages by the federal jury on Monday. 

The Wall Street Journal reports that Owen Diaz, 53, who worked as an elevator operator at Tesla’s Fremont in the San Francisco Bay area from 2015 and 2016 was awarded the sum after the court found that he had been racially abused with the company failing to take any steps to prevent him from being further harassed.  

Diaz was quoted by the publication as being elated with the outcome of the trial which lasted for over a week.  

“It shines a light on what’s going on inside of Tesla’s factory,” Diaz was quoted as saying. 

 “Elon Musk, you’ve been put on notice.  

“Clean that factory up.” 

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