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Flying Selfies: Video Provides First View Of ROAM-e

The IoT Group has today unveiled footage of its ROAM-e flying selfie camera, filmed last week.

The video (below), filmed at a warehouse in Sydney, shows the ROAM-e in action, capturing 360 panoramic shots using its facial recognition technology.


“Since launch, we have been working with retailers locally and globally, and our sales team already have indicative orders of over 250,000 units, expected to be delivered prior to Christmas,” Simon Kantor, IoT Group executive director and founder, commented.

“Production is gearing up now, with early production units expected to be ready by early August, ramping up to 50,000 per week to meet demand in Australia, Japan and the US.”

The ROAM-e is around the size of a water bottle, with the video revealing it hovering as it captures footage.

IoT Group states that it uses facial recognition technology to follow its owner around, with it never more than 3 metres away.

Decked out with a 1080p camera, it naturally detects and avoids objects in its field of vision and can fly up to 25 meters, following users in the air for up to 20 minutes, with the battery charging in two hours.

Priced at $499, the ROAM-e can be ordered online here.


  • Real-time facial recognition

  • Frameless body

  • 5 MP CMOS sensor

  • 360 panorama single-axis gimbal

  • ARM Cortex M4 dedicated flight controller

  • Up to 85 mm at its widest point (folded)

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