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Fitbit Rolls Out New Update For Versa and Ionic

Fitbit is giving its Versa and Iconic activity trackers a performance boost today with the rollout of its OS 3.0 update plus adding new fitness and performance apps to its App Gallery.

The Fitbit OS 3.0 update delivers an expanded on-device dashboard with a more detailed exercise log that will include hourly activity and heart rate, water intake, sleep data and hourly activity.

The OS update relates to Fitbit Ionic, Ionic: Adidas, and Fitbit Versa which will also get a new goal-based exercise mode for targets like calories burned, distance or time for 15+ exercises, including running, biking, swimming and more, and see real-time stats, progress and celebrations when goals are reached.

Fitbit is also launching ten new brand apps including Achu Health (which uses the acquired data to warn when the wearer could be falling ill), MySwimPro (which helps swimming performance with personalised coaching plans), and Couch to 5K (training app for runners).

Innovative developer apps Alpine Snow and Skateboard launched today which can track your speed, calories burned, heart rate, distance travelled and more while skiing, snowboarding, or skateboarding.

Other new apps like FitBark (monitors pet activity), MINDBODY, TRX, and a charity miles app are scheduled to arrive in the App Gallery in early 2019 to the Fitbit App Gallery.

Also on the track to arrive in early 2019 is Female Health Tracking trends which helps women track menstrual cycles and symptoms over time.

“We are excited to announce these software and app updates as they provide Fitbit smartwatch users with more ways to take action based on their personal data to achieve their health and fitness goals,” said Jon Oakes, Senior Vice President of Product at Fitbit.

Updates like this aren’t only good for users’ health, they’re also more vital than ever for Fitbit itself which has returned to profit after a long stretch of losses, due in no small part to the success of the Versa, the Charge 3, and a growing wearables trend.

This latest update and sleuth of new apps help breathe new life into the line and keep the popular fitness tracker company competitive in a growing market.

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