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Finally, New Sony 2023 TV range Announced No 8K Models

After totally ignoring CES 2023 as their launch platform for televisions, Sony has overnight unveiled a new range of TVs and, like LG, missing from the range is 8K models.

The Sony Bravia XR 4K OLED TV line-up for 2023, using Samsung OLED panels, includes the A80L OLED TV, which Sony claim will be up to 110 per cent higher than last year’s model, and the A95L QD-OLED TV will have up to 200 per cent higher colour brightness than its predecessor.

Missing was an 8K model, with Sony observers putting this down to the EU’s updated energy consumption regulation, which goes into effect today.

The 2023 Sony Bravia XR range features four new models – the X95L Mini LED, X90L Full Array LED, A95L QD-OLED and A80L OLED TVs. Each is powered by the proprietary Cognitive Processor XR chipset, which improves picture noise and motion, while also providing enhanced backlight control for those sets that require it. In addition, they feature Sony’s Acoustic Center Sync technology, which works in collaboration with a compatible Sony soundbar to utilise it as a centre channel in a wider home cinema audio setup.

While manufacturers are still allowed to ship 8K TVs in ‘Eco’ mode with heavily subdued brightness and picture settings, leaving the user to decide if they want to switch the TV to a better picture mode with significantly higher energy consumption, several brands, with the exception of Samsung, have chosen to drop 8K sets from their 2023 model line-up.

The flagship Bravia XR A95L uses the latest generation of Samsung Display’s QD-OLED panels.

These combine the pixel level detail and luminance advantages of OLED, with the colour accuracy and saturation benefits of Quantum Dots.

By combining the two technologies, a QD-OLED TV is capable of high brightness without sacrificing colour accuracy and colour volume.

Sony deploys XR Triluminos Max technology, which the company says boosts colour brightness by up to 200 per cent on the A95L, compared to last year’s A95K model.

With only A95L (QD-OLED) and A80L (WOLED), Sony has fewer OLED ranges than in 2022.

Last year’s 42- and 48-inch A90K will carry over into 2023.

There are no TVs based on the MLA (Micro Lens Array) WOLED .
Sony say that although it will not happen this year, it is not ruling out MLA technology for future models.

The 95L will expand QD-OLED to 77 inches, in addition to 55 and 65 inches.

A95L will be Sony’s first and only TV in 2023 with a Pentonic 1000 chip from MediaTek, meaning it is also the first to support Dolby Vision at 4K 120Hz for gaming.

There are only two HDMI ports with HDMI 2.1 bandwidth, of which one is the eARC port.

The Sony Bravia XR A80L OLED TV available from 55 inches up to 83 inches is both a speaker and display panel.

If you pair up your new Sony OLED TV with a Sony soundbar, Sony A/V receiver or the HT-A9 surround speaker package, you can take advantage of the units’ “Acoustic Centre Sync” feature.

This uses the speakers built into the television as the centre channel in a surround sound system so the dialog and other centre-channel sounds are locked in with the on-screen action.

On the A95L and A80L OLED TVs, Sony has developed a technology called “Acoustic Surface Audio+”, where sonic actuators turn the TV screen itself into the speaker.

This prevents any issues with dialogue being reflected off the rear wall or stand, while allowing the screen’s bezel to remain remarkably slim.

Sony Acoustic Surface Audio+

With Acoustic Surface Audio+, sound comes directly from the screen instead of from the sides or bottom.

Sony’s new OLED sets are all compatible with Dolby Atmos and IMAX Enhanced formats for an immersive surround experience. They also work with Sony’s “360 Spatial Sound Mapping” (360SSM) technology, which creates a more seamless and immersive listening experience.

360SSM is built into most of Sony’s current soundbar line-up as well as Sony’s brand-new suite of A/V receivers.

All This and Gaming Too
OLED’s naturally low panel latency makes Sony’s new OLED TVs an excellent match for the hardcore or even casual gamer. The 2023 Bravia XR OLED TV line-up also includes a suite of features designed to enhance the gaming experience, when used with Sony’s next generation PS5 gaming console.

These include Auto HDR Tone Mapping and Auto Genre Picture Mode. These features optimise the picture settings depending on the specific game or content being viewed. The sets also feature native 4K/120fps, Variable Refresh Rate and Auto Low Latency Mode for an enhanced gaming experience.

A dedicated Gaming menu allows gamers to adjust picture and sound settings quickly and easily for their specific preferences. Users will even be able to change the picture size to minimise the need for extensive head motion during game play. A multi-view feature will also be available, allowing you to play a game on one side of the screen while watching a YouTube or Twitch stream on the other.

2023 Sony TV Gaming On-screen Menu

A “Gaming” menu puts commonly adjusted audio and video settings at your fingertips.

Sony’s 2023 OLED and QD-OLED TVs are built on the most recent version of Google TV for integrated access to a wide selection of audio, video and gaming apps and streaming services. All sets include HDR10, IMAX Enhanced and Dolby Vision HDR support for optimised reproduction of 4K HDR content. All of the new sets also include access to the premium Sony “Bravia Core” streaming service, which offers high quality 4K UHD and IMAX-Enhanced content.

The A95L QD-OLED TVs have expanded from a single size to three sizes this year: 55-inch, 65-inch and 77-inch. The A80L OLED line will include screens sized at 55, 65, 77 and 83 inches (all measured diagonally).

The new models are expected to begin hitting stores in Australia from April.

Sony’s specialist channel distributor is Melbourne-based Audio Active.

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