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Final Link Audio Appointed Australia And NZ Distributor For Parasound

Parasound which supplies affordable audio components for high-end audiophiles has appointed Final Link Audio as its distributor for Australia and New Zealand.

The Melbourne-based distributor will offer all Parasound models, including its sought-after John Curl-engineered models.

Other brands distributed by Final Link Audio include Alcons Audio, Cayin, Monolith and RSL Speakers, among others.

Parasound, which recently moved its headquarters to Las Vegas, has established an international distribution network with its products sold in dozens of countries worldwide.

Over the last few years, Australia has emerged as a key market for the hi-fi audio industry.

“Final Link only carries and supports the best audio products from around the world. When choosing who to work with, we heavily evaluate three criteria: design, performance, and value – Parasound exemplifies all three. We look forward to dramatic growth and success with this globally respected brand,” said Shane Lewis, Final Link’s managing director, reported Strata-gee.

Parasound CEO, David Sheriff

David Sheriff, Parasound’s CEO, added, “From our very first meeting, Final Link differentiated themselves as a forward-thinking and committed partner. They combine both focus and creativity that will help Parasound substantially grow market share in Australia and New Zealand.”

In a description of Parasound on the Final Links Audio website, the distributor says that major producers such as LucasFilm have used Parasound for their films. Audio engineers utilised Parasound amplifiers to handle on-set noise and distractions, making post-production easier.

A quick search on the distributor’s website revealed three Parasound series: Halo, John Curl and NewClassic.

Formerly, in Australia, Parasound products were distributed by National AV Solutions with only a limited number of hi-fi dealers carrying their products.

As ChannelNews reported a few months ago, Sheriff, was direct with retailers he didn’t want to work with and called for retailers to be committed to the brand and its products. During a townhall last June, he told dealers that a coming “rapid expansion will be fuelled by our shared core values.” And for those partners who share and exemplify their core values, “we will be an amazing partner.” But for those partners who don’t share their core values, Sheriff says it “just means we’re just not who you need to be doing business with.”

“Our product is elite we need a sales network that represents our brand to a level that we expect, and they need to understand they’re part of an elite group selling that,” noted Sheriff.

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