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Fewer Aussies Use Public Transport

Figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), conducted from March 12-21, 2021, showed that public transport use had increased compared to six months ago in September 2020, but normal patterns of usage following Covid had not returned to normal.

One in seven Australians, or 14 percent, caught public transport in March, compared with nearly one in four (23 percent) who reported regular use before Covid-19 restrictions began in March 2020.

ABS head of household surveys, Lisa Scanlon, said the latest Household Impacts of Covid-19 Survey showed people who reported regularly using public transport before Covid-19 restrictions began, around one in six (18 percent) reported they had not used public transport since March 2020.

“After the Covid-19 pandemic, three in five people (61 percent) expect their public transport use will remain the same, while 13 percent expect their use to increase and seven percent expect it will decrease,” Scanlon said.

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