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Quickflix Targets Pizza Fans

Quickflix Targets Pizza Fans
Quickflix Targets Pizza FansEagle Boys and Quickflix have tied up for a pizza + movies combi deal.

Movie lovers will now get exclusive Quickflix trial DVD and online movies streaming packages with DVDs hand delivered to pizza customers. However, there’s no pricing details for how much the special packages will cost, yet. 
30 percent of families binge on TV on the weekend, which is also a peak time to binge on pizza, research shows. 
The marketing effort heavily focused on the online and digital mediums, the local content provider said. 
Quickflix CEO Stephen Langsford, said “TV and movie streaming is rapidly growing among Australian consumers, as more and more people show a healthy appetite to enjoy their favourite movies and TV shows.” 
“We are also seeing significant changes in people’s viewing habits with 30 percent of families watching multiple episodes of their favourite TV shows over the weekend, during peak pizza eating times.” 
After a period of turmoil, Quickflix has increased its user numbers and revenue, with online streaming soaring in popularity down under.