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‘Minority Report-Like’ Leap Motion Control Hits OZ

Remember Mission Impossible and Minority report and how Mr Cruise worked that computer screen? 

Leap Motion today launched in Australia, which gives your PC a ‘Minority Report’ type feel to computing. 

Dick Smith will sell the innovative 3D Controller in Oz, and its exclusive retailer partner, it was announced today. 

The clever box the size of a cigarette lighter allows hand gesture control on PC’s, Macs; in-air gaming via fingers, drawing onscreen, making music, swiping, scrolling, throwing and other cool movements, costs $129. 

Its whole new way of interacting with your computer, say its makers. Leap Motion’s connects via USB device can track the in-air movement of both hands and all 10 fingers. It turns your Windows (7, 8) PC or Mac into a virtual touchscreen – and doesn’t replace the keyboard and mouse but enhances it. 

Its one of these revolutionary devices people have been waiting around for, and will give you hours of fun on a PC.


Launched in the US in July, 1 million apps have already been downloaded from the Airspace Store in the first 3 weeks alone. 

These apps let you play games, create art and music, interactions and learn with touch-free hand movements -there ‘s loads of kids apps.Cool apps of note include Painter Freestyle and Escape Velocity, while Fruit Ninja and Art Kit are two popular apps from Aussie developers.   Apps are free or around $1.99- $3.99. 

This is likely to be a huge products for Christmas, particularly among gamers, creative folk,  musicians and artists, and kids. 

Gaming is particularly cool with Leap controller as you can game with two fingers, throw stuff at the screen – all with air movements. 

It works with Windows 7 or 8. computers Mac OS X 10.7 or 10.8 requires a minimum Intel Core i3 or AMD Phenom II processor, 2 G RAM, a USB 2.0 port.

It will also be sold at all 270+ Dick Smith stores, dicksmith.com.au and at Dick Smith stores at David Jones.

However, it is likely to be sold at other retailers in the New Year, a source told CN. 

“Dick Smith has more than 270 retail stores, a presence in many high-profile David Jones stores and a popular online retail site, making it the perfect partner for Leap Motion to launch in Australia,” said Leap Motion President Andy Miller. 

“It’s also an ideal place for even more people to experience the magic of using just their hands in the air to play, learn, and create on their computers.”

Leap Motion’s will be distributed by Blonde Robot.