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Jiva! iiNet’s New Telco Revealed

Fresh from buying Adam Internet, iiNet  launch a new ISP brand, Jiva, flogging an ‘unlimited’ plan for $79.

 iiNet, who claims to be is “the leading challenger” in the broadband market, says Jive is a simple, high-value Internet service, with “One plan. One bill. Always.” 
However, it has no association with Adam, a deal which still has to be finalised. 
The new telco with no ‘flashy add-ons’ will go live September, nationally. 
 Plan wise, it is offering unlimited broadband data, calls, for $79 per month on a ADSL2+ connection with a wireless modem on a 24-month plan.
However, international calls are no included.
 It is a focused plan and aimed at a different customer than iiNet traditional base a spokesperson told CN. 
iiNet CEO Michael Malone said the Jiva initiative is designed to attract new customers to the group, but insists its not a not ‘budget’ iiNet.
“It’s really all about value. Our research is telling us there is a section of the market that wants high-quality broadband that they can just set-and-forget. Jiva is targeting those people – by having one simple product we can streamline human contact and offer a quality connection at a great price.” 
“Over the next 12 months I want Jiva to prove that an innovative, high-quality Internet and phone offering can successfully compete with the low-value offers in the traditional ‘all you can eat’ space.”

Jiva customers will sign up online as part of the brand’s streamlined self-service approach and will have its own team of support staff 
“It’s a simpler product offering, so Jiva customers will need less support and, of course if they need help our staff will be right there for them,” says Malone.