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Fake DVD Floggers Get Jail

Two Australians who sought to sell more than a million high-quality counterfeit DVD movies online have been sentenced to jail terms

At a hearing in the Parramatta District Court, Mosaic Defredes was sentenced to a total of four years and six months, with a three-year non-parole period. With time already served he could be up for parole in April 2019.

His accomplice, Allison Daniel, received a two-year sentence, with the judge ordering her to be assessed for community service.

The case followed the 2013 seizure of 1.2 million DVDs, which Australian Screen Association investigators claimed, if sold, would have fetched about $21 million. Some 65,000 DVDs were in fact sold for more than $1.6 million on eBay. The remaining 1.2 million will be destroyed.

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