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Facebook’s Open Source Surround 360 Camera Will Set You Back $30K

With more and more tech companies entering the fray when it comes to 360-degree camera, it`s about time Facebook made their move.

That said, in this case, their move looks to be a bizarrely inaccessible one for most consumers.

The social media giant have made the design and assembly instructions for their Surround 360 camera available as an open source project on Github.

The discus-shaped device utilizes seventeen 4.1 megapixel cameras with wide angle lenses and custom-designed software to pull together impressive panoramic images and 3D video.

It’s rare to see a tech company that isn’t Google pull off such a brazen contribution to the open source community. However, the catch is in the cost.

Putting together a Surround 360 requires roughly $30,000 in raw components.

Still, with the design of the camera out there, it’s possible that enterprising minds will be able put together a more affordable iteration of it.

You can see footage of the Surround 360 in action here.

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