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Facebook Fined $550 Million For Facial Recognition Misuse

In 2011, Facebook users started to notice the company was tagging them in photos without their consent.

That was the year when the social media titan started to test its facial recognition software – without user’s consent.

Soon after, a legal case against Facebook was set in motion and the dispute officially started back in 2015.

The case has since been elevated to a class action lawsuit, but Facebook appeared confident it did not commit any wrongdoing and was ready to defend itself.

But things got bitter for the company – it’s now ready to settle for a $550 million fine and will pay out the plaintiffs’ group from Illinois that initially began legal proceedings against the company.

According to a Facebook spokesperson, the company wants to move beyond the issue fast as it is within both the company’s and shareholders’ best interests to do so.

Since 2011, Facebook began requesting consent from users in order to use the facial recognition software.

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