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Facebook Face Global Crackdown Over Christchurch

Facebook is facing widespread global moves to place new restrictions on its services, following claims that it initially failed to remove graphic visions of Friday’s Christchurch shootings from its platforms.

The footage, which showed the gunman moving through the interior of two mosques and shooting 50-plus victims indiscriminately, was widely circulated in the hours after the attack.

Facebook said it had removed 1.5 million videos from its platforms within the first 24 hours of the shootings and was removing all edited versions of the video, even if they did not show graphic content.

However NZ PM Jacinda Ardern, pictured, claims that, despite Facebook’s claims, the “graphic version” is still available online.

She told media she had been in communication with Facebook chief Sheryl Sandberg, and asked her to ensure the horrendous footage of the attack was unable to be viewed.

The Association of New Zealand Advertisers and the Commercial Communications Council have asked all advertisers to consider where they place their ads, and challenged Facebook and other platform owners to take steps to moderate hate content.

Pointedly, the two groups said: “The events in Christchurch raise the
question: if the site owners can target consumers with advertising in microseconds, why can’t the same technology be applied to prevent this kind of content being streamed live?”

In Australia, reports say uncensored footage of the attack continues to be shared in online forums and on message boards, despite attempts by authorities to have it taken down.

Australian PM Scott Morrison has written to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, urging him to allow a discussion on the issue when G-20 leaders meet in Osaka in June.

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