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UltraRich: Intel Has The Last Laugh

UltraRich: Intel Has The Last Laugh

Statistics released by research firm NPD indicate Ultrabooks represent 11% of all Windows laptops over $700. Although good news, this doesn’t reflect the effect Ultrabooks have had.

The $700+ category has experienced modest 3% growth, but there are few Ultrabooks that fit in this price bracket. The majority of which are priced in excess of $900+, and that category has grown by 39% year over year.  As tech-site Ubergizmo notes, this is no small feat.

The increase proves the number of units sold tell only part of a story, with the remainder of the tale dictated by profit margins.

It also shows that customers are prepared to spend their hard earned coin on products that deliver a superior experience. Place an Ultrabook side by side with the laptops of yester-year (say a Toshiba Satellite), and the dramatic difference in experience is evident by simply looking at the two.  

Intel has proved by giving OEM manufacturers a benchmark to strive for, products focussing on experience—and not specifications alone—are being released. Prior to Intel’s Ultrabook standards, few manufacturers would bother talking of fast boot technology or battery life, but now these are the cornerstones of faster, thinner and inspiring machines.

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