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New NAD Power Amplifier Drives Any Loudspeaker

New NAD Power Amplifier Drives Any Loudspeaker

The NAD C 245BEE power amplifier when used with NAD’s C 165BEE Preamplifier, delivers more than enough power to drive virtually any loudspeaker the Company claims.

Connected to the Zone Output of an NAD AV Receiver, the C 245BEE can also send different music programs to remote speakers.

The C 245BEE is specified by NAD at 35 watts per channel, Minimum Continuous Power, into 4 or 8 ohms, with all channels driven simultaneously, for 20Hz – 20kHz, with 0.03 percent THD (NAD Full Disclosure Power). It can also handle 55W, 85W and 100W Dynamic Power into 8, 4 and 2 ohms, respectively, and 2 x 90W Minimum Continuous Power into 8 ohms in bridge mode.

The C 245BEE has three options for powering up: a front panel switch, a 12V trigger and a signal-sensing ‘auto’ turn on.  In Standby mode, it draws less than 1 watt – qualifying under Energy Star’s new A/V 2.0 spec. One interesting feature is a front-panel ‘vacation’ switch that completely disconnects the power.

Each input has a ‘loop out’ feature, allowing multiple C 245BEEs to share the same signal, which is ideal for elaborate custom installations. Pairs of channels can be switched on and off with Speaker A and B switches on the front panel. Additional refinements include a short signal path from input to output, gold-plated sockets, multi-way binding post speaker outputs, and a detachable IEC power cable.