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EXCLUSIVE:New Big Brand Distributor Aqipa Closes Door To New Business

Four months after opening their doors in Australia European distributor Aqipa Gear Guru, which is a joint venture operation with two former Convoy executives Cameron Greig and Sohan Karunaratne is already knocking back business.

The Company has also recently spent over a million dollars buying back old accessory stock which is set to be replaced with a new range of Speck products.

“Every day we are getting brands coming to us to manage their business in Australia. We are knocking back 99% of this business to concentrate on the business we already have” said Greig.
Shortly the Company who already have 50 staff, will introduce several new brands “but that is it, for the time being” said Greig during an exclusive interview with ChannelNews.

Among the products they already distribute is B& O Play, Urban Ears, Audio Pro whose low cost networked audio range is set to take on Sonos, Pure Digital Radio’s, and Master Dynamics.

At the heart of their automated business is a management system that 24/7 is delivering information to a Windows PC or an Android app that is carried by their staff. The system that delivers real time intelligence on Customer Service, Product Management, Purchase Control, Finances, Logistics, Sales and Key Accounts.
Instantly Aqipa front line staff can see information on stock levels and returns.

Their warehouse in Dandenong South close to where Amazon is setting up their Victorian operation, is fully automated and is managed by two personnel.

Cameron Grig explains the companies real time reporting software.

Brands such as Marshall are “flying out the door” at retailers such as Harvey Norman said Karunaratne.

At the same demand for the new B&O Play range of products “significant growth” for the Austrian Company.

Instead of trekking to retailer’s doors the Company fly’s key buyers in to their showroom a move that allows them to spend a day with buys as opposed to the “odd hour” said Greig.

He also said that the Company has moved to hiring “none CE industry” staff a move that brings a fresh outlook for the Company.

“We are spending an enormous amount of time on training and sell through” said Greg. “We are currently holding over 3 months of support spares, so we can respond quickly if a problem emerges” he added.

This week the Company is working on fitting out several Harvey Norman and JB Hi Fi stores with the latest B&O Play merchandising kits. The brand is witnessing “excellent growth in Australia” since being launched said Karunaratne.