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EXCLUSIVE:Cambridge Audio Appoint New Distributor In OZ

As exclusivelly tipped by ChannelNews earlier this month British hi-fi brand Cambridge Audio has appointed Busisoft as their new distributor in Australia after appointing initally appointing them in New Zealand.

ChannelNews understands that there are financial and warranty issues associated with the appointmnent which are still set to be resolved.

According to Phil Sayer the CEO of Synergy who ChannelNews spoke to in Hong Kong today a press release is set to be issed by Cambridge Audio today.


He has distributed the brand in Australia since 2001

Earlier this month he admitted that he was “aware that Cambridge Audio had approached several distributors in Australia” with a view to appointing a new distributor during the past few months.

ChannelNews understands that several distributors knocked back distributing the brand. Some of those discussions took place at the Munich Hi Fi show.

Sawyer said earlier this month that they are still in discussions with them (Cambridge Audio) over several issues” he said.

ChannelNews has been told that that one of those issues could relate to returns with one dealer who was approached telling ChannelNews that he declined an offer to take on the brand because of issues relating to returns.

Busisoft has not commented.

Synergy is a highly successful Melbourne based distributor who has built the McIntosh and Sonus Faber brands in Australia.

Cambridge Audio started off as a small business in the UK city of Cambridge in the 1960’s

By 1968 it was being led by Gordon Edge, a scientist with a head for a business.

Success came with the release of a quality stereo amplifier.

The P40 integrated amp was the company’s first-ever product, developed by Gordon Edge and Peter Lee, who took a simple approach with just a few transistor stages.

The P40 became the first-ever amplifier to use toroidal transformers, a nascent technology that just happened to be being manufactured by another local company at the time.

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