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EXCLUSIVE: Aqipa Set To Add Brands After Dropping Nextbase

Melbourne based Aquipa has moved to switch out brands, gone is the poor selling Nextbase dash cam, replaced with a top swelling portable blender and later this year Milo the much talked about portable tracker.

Also coming soon and subject to component supply is the stylish European design Braun sound system that is already a hot seller in Europe.

According to sources the Nextbase business is set to go to Ingram Micro who also distribute Nextbase in Europe.

Nextbase is an excellent Dash Cam, the only problem is that  unlike the top selling Uniden Dash Cam it does not alert users to speed cameras and in Australia that is a “no no”. 02

The product that could be a big winner for Aqipa is BlendJet a portable blender that is already doing 70,000 units online into Australia according to Aquipa General Manager Chris Scott.

Australia is also tipped to be one of the first Countries in the world to get the revolutionary Milo with Aqipa distributing the product that is set to popular in Australia due to the number of active sports that Australians engage in said Chris Scott.

Milo is a small voice-driven device that a skier, surfer or anyone involved in active sports can use to communicate with other participants, the device can be mounted on a bike or arm band.

Users can use either Wi-Fi or mobile communication to connect because Milo employs its own AI-driven mesh network.

The small Milo device has six microphones, and noise cancelation algorithms to create a hands-free experience.

Millions were raised by the Australian/Polish design team that is now based in the USA.

The device supports Bluetooth headsets.

Company CEO Peter Celinski said that the Milo device is designed for asynchronous message sending, as the business wanted to ensure high-quality voice conversations.

Two Milo Devices are tipped to sell for $399.

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