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EXCLUSIVE: TP Vision Wants To Launch Premium Philips TV Range After Appointing Local Sales Director

TP Vision the Company that holds the rights to the Philips TV brand globally is looking at a major expansion of their TV range in Australia in 2020 despite several retailers claiming that there is no room for a new TV band.

The Company who secured the global rights to the Philips TVB and audio business have appointed a former Tempo sales executive as their new in Country sales director with the UK operation claiming that they do intend to launch a premium range of Philips TV’s in Australia.

They also claim that they want to lift the range of  Philips TV’s in Australia from 19 models to 25 with consumer mass retail distribution via Tempo and their commercial business via Melbourne based Westan however they have not ruled out appointing a new distributor.

Jason Oh, the new Sales Director at TP Vision in Australia

Jason Oh the new sales Director at TP Vision Australia was a product manager at Tempo up until a few weeks ago and prior to that he worked at Panasonic.

The move by TP Vision to expand its local operation comes as the market for TV’s has become difficult for many brands after Samsung chose to enter the market with a cheap range of TV’s. Their share is believed to have gone from 26% to 45% this year.

This hurts sales of several brands including TCL, Hisense who recently reported reduced profits and Panasonic whose TV business is believed to be down over 30%.

ChannelNews understands that in the past TP Vision has been reluctant to release their premium range of TV’s in this market despite attempts by Tempo to secure the “right pricing” to facilitate the launch of the premium range.

There have also been discussions about the “high cost” of being TV’s for the Australian which is seen as a small market by several brands including TP Vision.

Retailers that we have spoken to have said that in the current climate TP Vision will find it difficult to secure new ranging for premium products as brands slash prices “just to shift stock” they said.

TP Vision which was established in 2012 still believe that they can launch a premium OLED TV range despite past attempts failing, currently the 803 series, a 4K Philips UHD OLED model in 55 and 65-inches is being offered by Westan to commercial customers in the hospitality market and B2B market.

Oh, said he plans to work with existing distributors Tempo and Westan, but he did admit that TP Vision is looking to open up new channels to grow the business locally which could see a new distributor appointed.

If this happens the Company could face being dropped by one of their existing distributors claim insiders.

Dion Yong, Regional Country Lead for TP Vision said that the appointment of Oh is The first time a sales director has been appointed by TP Vision in Australia to focus on the local Philips Television business.

Oh, who has worked across a wide range of brands including Hitachi, Sharp, Sanyo, Imation and at Laser Corporation claims that In Australia, the current range consists of 19 different products ranging from 22-inch up to 70-inch and featuring Philips innovations including Ambilight and the P5 Perfect Picture Engine.

“Philips is a well-known brand in Australia, a decades-long heritage that means that consumers rightfully trust the quality and innovation that comes with owning a Philips Television.

“I look forward to working with our distributors as well as retailers and consumers to share our ever-expanding range.” Says Jason Oh, Sales Director for TP Vision in Australia.

TP Vision has appointed Closer Communications as its PR Company.

Nether Tempo or Westan have commented on the move.

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