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EXCLUSIVE: Loewe Getting Into Premium Audio, Major New Retailer To Sell TV Brand

German TV brand Loewe is getting into the premium audio business following a major restructure just as Bang & Olufsen is still trying to work out where their future is.

The German TV Companies top end TV’s are also set to sold by another major Australian retailer after Melbourne distributor Indi Imports, restructured the brands go to market in Australia, bringing on board several key David Jones stores while also axing several specialist dealers who previously sold the brand.

At this stage ChannelNews understands that the decision is between Harvey Norman and The Good Guys with the JB Hi Fi owned retailer tipped to be in the box seat.

The introduction of Loewe branded audio products that are tipped to include both soundbars, free standing stylised speakers and networked 24bit audio speakers will see them compete head on with Bang and Olufsen.

In Australia several former Bang & Olufsen dealers are now selling Loewe TV’s after B&O got out of the TV business.

Recently the Company that owns Loewe, brought on board a major Japanese component partner as part of their restructuring which also saw a significant restricting of the Companies management.

Their primary objective is to be able to manage the growth that the Company is looking to achieve in 2019/2020 with the introduction of several new models including an 8K Bild X range of TV’s that have been described by sources as “just spectacular”.

Their Japanese sourcing partner is set to deliver an “improved buying and component” capability spanning the sourcing of both TV and premium audio components.

The Company said, “This supply chain approach allows Loewe – as a relatively small CE manufacturer, to be at eye level with larger competitors and to strengthen our competitiveness and thus Loewe’s sustainable and reliable go-to- market approach”.

They Added “We are jointly developing major system components for upcoming smart entertainment solutions, Loewe will bundle German and Japanese know-how and generate essential synergy effects”.

The German TV Company is also set to transform the Loewe production in Kronach into a new and independent entity so that the key “Made In Germany” branding can be retained.

The Company also plans to utilize the expanded Loewe production capacity with what they have described as “New production orders”.

ChannelNews has been told that their new partner could be the Foxconn owned Sharp. It’s also been rumoured that the expanded Loewe plant will be “robotic” and “automated” and possibly used to OEM manufacture for other Japanese brands in Europe.
Currently Loewe is developing a new range of audio and TV’s that will shown to global dealers in June. They will be a key part of Loewe’s display at this year’s IFA.

The new range will consist of three core categories ‘Premium’ ‘Affordable Premium’ and ‘Value’ with select dealers only allowed to sell certain Loewe products if they can deliver the right audience.

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