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EXCLUSIVE: Leaked GFK Data Reveals State Of TV market

Leaked GFK data has revealed little growth for the TV industry in Australia with several major brands struggling to grow despite demand for Ultra High Definition TV’s however questions have been raised over the accuracy of the data
Last year GFK was stopped from collecting data at Harvey Norman and The Good Guys which was a major blow as JB Hi Fi has also refused to supply the German research Company with in store sales.

Another issue is that during past three months tens of thousands of units of both Hitachi and Philips TVs have been sold in Australia via he Good Guys and JB Hi Fi, yet these two brands are not individually shown in the GFK data but Changhong (ChiQ) who sells through Bing Lee is shown along with Palsonic who also have limited distribution in Australia.

Also missing was the Polaroid TV Brand that is selling thousands of units a month at Big W.

The GFK data shows that in December which is traditionally a high sales month overall TV sales fell from 229,366 units in Dec 2017 to 224,101 units at December 2018. Value for the same period was marginally up from $250M to $253M.

LED & OLED made up the lions share of the market at 87% Vs 13% for OLED this was a rise of 6% for OLED from the previous December. LED fell 5% over the same period.

In the UHD market Samsung was still #1 despite a fall from 28% in 2017 to 26 in December 2018, they did come back in January 2018 with 28% share.

LG, UHD sales grew over the same period from 4% at DEC 17 to 10% at Dec 1918, however this climbed to only 15% in January 2018.

Sony remained flat at 14% while Hisense lifted sales from 15% to 18% in December 2018 when they moved to discount their 55” OLED TV offering. The panel is made by LG.

One of the big winners was Chinese Company TCL who went from 4% UHD TV share in December 2017 to 10% share at December 2018 this dropped to 4% in January 2018 despite heavy discounting over the holiday period.

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