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EXCLUSIVE: Indi Imports Snares Loewe TV’s Massive Price Drop Coming

EXCLUSIVE: Leading European TV Loewe has appointed Melbourne based Indi Imports as their new distribution partner in Australia after parting Company with Qualifi.

The brand that has had a chequered history in Australia has also moved to slash prices in an effort to compete, with the likes of Samsung, LG, Sony and Panasonic in the premium end of the TV market in Australia.

Designed in Germany, Loewe TV’s will not be available on Amazon a move that is set to be attractive to retailers with all four major TV brands having already signed deals to sell their products via the US online retailer.

Ulf Kaempfer (Loewe) & Paul Riachi (Indi Imports)

According to Indi director, Paul Riachi, the deal to sell Loewe TV’s in Australia was signed in February 2017, with the entire Loewe range set to be available for retailers from mid-October.

Michael Henriksen the CEO of Qualifi told ChannelNews that late last year he decided that Loewe was “not a good fit for Qualifi” and that he approached a number of distributors to take on the brand including Melbourne based Canohm.

He said that Loewe did not respond to his recommendations until late last week when he was advised that Indi Imports had been appointed.

Paul Riachi said that he had been “chasing the brand for a long time”.

When asked why Loewe had appointed Indi Imports Kurt Doyran, CSO and Member of the Executive Board of Loewe Technologies GmbH said, “We are very happy that with Indi Imports we managed to find a very qualified partner who is both a retailer and distributor”.

“The team at Indi Imports are known for their excellent reputation in the industry. Our high-end home entertainment systems will enhance the consumer electronics range being made available throughout Australia especially when it comes to design and form.”

He added “The decision to go with Indi Imports was quite straight forward and simple. Paul’s passion and love for our product is paramount to the success of our brand. Not only is he driven and focused but his company Indi Imports have a team of professionals who know how to market and execute our product in Australia”.

Paul Riachi, Managing Director said, “As one of only a few ‘real’ brands of TV left in the ever so competitive market, both LOEWE and Indi are ready for the challenge”.

He told ChannelNews that with the new pricing consumers will be able to buy a Loewe OLED TV from as low as $4,999 and a 70” OLED TV complete with Loewe sound for $11,999.

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