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EXCLUSIVE: Hisense To Sell Sound Gear

Hisense, who are currently stitching up a deal to sell Toshiba branded TV’s, due to consumers in the USA and Europe rejecting the Hisense brand, because of poor quality connotations, are set to move into the sound market with a range of Hisense branded soundbars according to sources.

The move is set to be disruptive for “secondary” sound suppliers such as Philips and JVC who have attracted sales from Hisense customers who in the past have not been able to buy a Hisense branded sound system for their TV.

One of the new products is the Hisense 1-piece 30W Sound Bar Home Theater System features 2 channels, Bluetooth connectivity to wirelessly stream music, an Optical and Audio Input, HDMI Output with ARC, remote control to operate the soundbar. The system is not 24 bit nor does it deliver High Res sound similar to products from their competitors.

According to Hisense sources the new range will be launch shortly.

Currently the Chinese TV brand whose products are successful in third world Countries has started a 60-minute weekly radio show, With Hisense To Russia, ahead of the 2018 World Cup Soccer final in several Countries across Africa.Hisense are a major sponsor of the World Cup.

Apparently, there were no takers for the concept in Australia.

A major sponsor of the 2018 Soccer World Cup, serious questions have been raised about the performance of the Hisense TV range being promoted for the World Cup with at least two competitors pointing out that the processor in the Hisense TV’s “will not deliver the best picture” when it comes to delivering “high quality UHD motion on a soccer pitch”.

Hisense has not commented on the claims.

The TV manufacturer who is desperate to be seen as a manufacturer of “quality” TV’s had to resort to buying another TV brand in an effort to shift volume through their factories.

Initially they held the rights to the Sharp brand but after being accused of building and selling low quality TV’s by the big Japanese brand Hisense moved to secure the rights to the Toshiba TV brand.

Zhou Houjian the Chairman of Hisense recently admitted that products made by long-established manufacturing powers such as America, Germany and Japan were superior to Chinese made products similar to what Hisense manufacture. He did admit that “The gap is rapidly narrowing”.

He said that “R&D determines the quality of products, which holds the key to the development of manufacturing”.

What he failed to identify as to why Hisense felt it was necessary to house their technology inside a TV carrying someone else’s brand name namely Sharp and Toshiba.

At this stage it’s not known whether Hisense Australia will sell the Toshiba TV brand that is currently distributed by Powermove. Skyworks the Company that has the rights to the Toshiba brand for the next three years is still in talks with Hisense. ChannelNews understands that while a deal has not been signed a deal has been reached for Skyworks to continue manufacturing the brand with supply going to Hisense.

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