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EXCLUSIVE: Crest Company Director Committed For District Court Trial For Rape Of 12 Year Old

A major shareholder and owner of Brisbane based distributor The Crest Company a key partner of Big W, JB Hi Fi and Bunnings have been committed to the District Court in Brisbane on charges that he raped a 12-year-old girl.

Following a hearing in the Sandgate Magistrates Court in Brisbane, Dirk Olbertz a director of The Crest Company, who claims he is innocent of the charges, has been committed for trial.

Dirk Olbertz Right

At this stage it’s not known whether the case will be before a jury or judge alone. Olbertz was charged with 2 x indecent treatment of girls Under 16, and one charge of rape of a 12 year old girl.

The charges came after after an extensive investigation by Brisbane-based Police, with a decision to charge him creating problems for the Brisbane based Company which is owned via a complex web of trusts and companies owned by Dirk Olbertz and his brother Ralph.

Dirk Olbertz Left with the CEO of The Crest Company  and his brother Ralph right.

The business that was started by their father in Brisbane has been a long-time partner of retailers with several buyers telling ChannelNews that the business “Knows how to entertain” and “often did” when pitching products to buyers.

Several retailers are believed to have struggled with the notion of whether they continue trading with a business, who has a key director and owner of shares charged with a serious criminal offence.

According to information obtained by ChannelNews, Ralph Olbertz had a relationship with the woman who made the complaint to police several years after the historical incident.

ChannelNews understands after discussions with the alleged victim that Ralph Olbertz knew of the allegations.

The 12-year-old girl was apparently the daughter of a close family friend of the Olbertz family.


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