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EXCLUSIVE Crest Co Director Remanded On Rape Of 12yr Old Charges

Dirk Olbertz a major shareholder in Queensland based distributor The Crest Company has been remand over on bail by a Queensland Court after he was charged with the rape of a 12-year-old girl.

Olbertz who it was known to Queensland police before the latest charges of 2 x indecent treatment of girls Under 16, and one of rape claims he is innocent.

The rape victim has told ChannelNews, that she has no intention of dropping the case, which is due to be heard again in Sandgate Magistrates Court on the 26th of February 2024 after a hearing yesterday in Brisbane.

Dirk Olbertz left seen with CEO of The Crest Company Mike Edgson Centre and right his brother Ralph.

The charges follow an extensive investigation by Queensland Police, who have investigated claims against Olbertz in the past when he was the owner of a Noosa Motel.

He has also been linked with the former deputy Mayor of Noosa, Frank Pardon who was convicted and jailed for 18-months over five counts of indecent treatment of a child, four counts while under care and one count of maintaining a sexual relationship with a minor.

The Crest Company is a business name only with the business owned by a Trust. Executives of that Trust are brothers Ralph and Dirk Olbertz.

ChannelNews understands that some retailers including Big W, have been cutting back on the amount of stock they range from the Crest Company until the charges against Olbertz are heard in court and a decision of whether he is guilty or not guilty is decided.

Several distributors have told us that the business is also up for sale however we have not been able to substantiate this.

UPDATE: Mike Edgson, the CEO of the Crest Company, and a close friend of Olbertz, as well as biking partner of Olbertz claims “The Crest Company is definitely not for sale, and there are absolutely zero plans to sell the business”.

“Dirks’s situation is his personal matter and has no relevance or connection to The Crest Company”.

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