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EXCLUSIVE: Barrage Of Complaints About Addicted To Audio Service & Returns Policy

Addicted to Audio is facing an investigation into their warranty and returns practises with several customers complaining about the BusiSoft and BusiSoft AV linked business to consumer authorities in Australia.

Earlier this week we revealed serious questions about the BusiSoft AV distribution business and claims that it was established in 1986 when ASIC records reveal that it was only registered in 2015.

See story here.

The sole director of BusiSoft Pty Ltd is George Poutakidis the same person who owns the retail group Addicted To Audio who are set to open a new A2A shop in Auckland New Zealand this month.

A visit to online site Product Review lists several complaints about Addicted To Audio and in particular they’re after sales service and pricing.

One Melbourne writer who complains about the retailer under the title ‘Horrible after purchase service’ claims that Addicted To Audio sold him a pair of faulty $3K+ speakers and when he requested a refund, they refused his request.

He wrote “I was then told that I could take it to the repair centre myself and that if no fault was found they would charge me for checking. This is not as per Victorian legal requirements…. will soon be raising this as a complaint with Consumer Affairs Victoria and the ACCC”.

Another customer wrote two days ago under the headline Overpriced Product and Horrific Customer Service.

The price on certain products are simply uncompetitive if you do the minimum of price comparison against other stores, especially against oversea pricings. Today I called them wanting to bargain for a pair of new (Sennheiser) HD800S. Given their HD800S is 22% more expensive than other…vendor’s prices and taking account shipping and GST the price would “still be” 15% cheaper.

The customer claims that when he asked the Addicted To Audio (A2A) representative why the Australian price was significantly higher he was told that the overseas warranty on the Sennheiser headphones was not covered locally.

This is not the case as Sennheiser do offer International Warranty on their goods.

Another customer wrote under the headline Terrible After Sales Service/Warranty

This person claimed that they purchased an AudioQuest USB cable for a new DAC and that when installed the cable did not work!

They returned the cable to the Addicted To Audio warranty department who later emailed that they could not find any fault with the cable, they were then told that they had to pay a postage fee of $25.

He recommends that customers don’t buy online at Addicted To Audio.

A Perth customer who purchased online from a2A wrote’ Terrible customer service, was looking to refund a faulty product and now over a month later I am no closer to getting the refund, they even tried to charge me for shipping since they sent the product to the eastern states and then back to W.A. I would suggest shopping elsewhere as there are plenty of other audio stores around with a much better range of product’.

A visitor writing as Gareth claims that he purchased a pair of Shure Se 215 wireless headphones and that within 3 months he identified corrosion in the clear housing causing signal crackling and breakup. Addicted to Audio have been emailed and telephoned regarding this matter, he claims he is still waiting for a reply.

He said that he had referred the matter to the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission.

A visit to the Addicted To Audio web site reveals the following Return Policy conditions.

Items that are simply not wanted or incorrectly ordered will need to be shipped via registered post, and returned to Addicted To Audio, orders will incur a 20% restocking fee, and an in-store credit will be issued. Returned items must be in the original packaging and include any manuals, cabling, and accessories in original condition.

Defective items will be replaced with a like item, upon return.

Terms and conditions of manufacturer’s warranty apply to defective items after 7 days. It may be a requirement to return the defective goods directly to the distributor, manufacturer, or an accredited service agent.

We do not accept returns for refund or account credit of:

Any items returned more than 7 days after the shipment date.

Any items that have been opened (taken out of its plastic wrap, security seal tampered), unsealed or non-defective.

Any items not in their original condition, are damaged, have been used, or are missing parts.

Please do not send Addicted To Audio any items that do not meet the return criteria listed above. They will be freighted back to the customer at their own cost. Please choose carefully as Addicted To Audio cannot exchange products for change of heart reasons. We pride ourselves on only selling brand new unopened products.

Should you return items that were placed using a promotional code, discount or offer, you will not be refunded for the amount of the code, discount or offer, as these discounts were deducted from the original purchase amount.

We have asked Addicted To Audio management to comment on the complaints about their returns and warranty policy. So far we have no reply.

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