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Exclusive: Alcatel To Reveal New Smartphones & VR Tech To IFA

With the Australian arrival of their Idol 4S handset imminent, Alcatel are in a strong spot for the upcoming IFA Conference in Berlin.

Alcatel’s Regional Director for Product Management David Vieira will be on hand for the conference.

He tells ChannelNews that “While IFA is a very important trade show for our European consumers, it is also a great opportunity to reinforce our global ambitions and growing product range to a broader global audience, including Australia.”

IFA 2016 will mark the first major trade show where the company’s new branding and logo will be on display since its unveiling.

“From a product perspective we will be unveiling several new smartphones and tablets, while furthering our ambitions in the VR space,” Vieira said.

While it’s likely too early for us to see any sort of successor to the Idol 4, there’s still plenty of room for speculation beyond these comments. 

The company’s smartwatch offering is overdue for an update and it’ll be interesting to see where the company’s VR ambitions take them come September.

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