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Ex ABC MD Takes Unfair Dismissal To Fair Work

Former ABC Managing Director, Michele Guthrie has reportedly begun legal proceedings in the Fair Work Commission, claiming unfair dismissal by the public broadcaster.

According to The AustralianGuthrie has hired Johnson Winter & Slattery to launch an “adverse action” claim in the Fair Work Commission, filing documents on Monday.

Guthrie claims the ABC breached general protections under the Fair Work Act, with “no justification” to terminate her employment nearly half-way through her five year contract.

At the time of her exit announcement, rumours mounted Guthrie was considering legal options.

Guthrie joined the ABC in December 2015, after her time as Google Asia’s Managing Director of Agencies.

Her employment was terminated late September, with the ABC board advising it was no longer “in the best interests” of the company.

Former ABC Chairman, Justin Milne, confirmed the decision was “entirely” made by the ABC board, and not influenced by the Australian government.

During Guthrie’s tenure, around 200 jobs were slashed from the ABC in 2017, coupled with other internal restructures.

As previously reported, ABC Chairman Justin Milne announced his resignation just days after Guthrie’s departure, following mounting tensions between staff and the broadcaster’s board.

Hundreds of ABC staff urged for Milne’s resignation, alleging he pushed for the termination of Emma Alberici and political editor Andrew Probyn.

Milne was expected to retain the role until 2022, leaving just a year an a half into his term.

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