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Equinix Excited About The Edge

Equinix’s latest annual Global Interconnection Index predicts global private connectivity at the edge will grow by 51 per cent compound annually to exceed a total bandwidth capacity of more than 13,300Tbps, equivalent to 53 zettabytes of data exchanged annually.

Equinix said the study found interconnection bandwidth to be an essential component to digital business and validates that, to compete in the digital economy, companies must address growing data volumes and increasing data exchange velocity across a rising number of clouds and business ecosystems.

According to Equinix interconnecting to multiple network providers across multiple edge locations is the most prominent use case for interconnection bandwidth and is expected to grow 4x by 2022.

The findings come at a time when edge computing is being tipped for rapid growth, driven by the Internet of Things and the need to put processing power close to the network edge to reduce latency and limit data transfer back to distant data centres.

According to IDC’s 2019 worldwide data centre predictions, by 2022 some 40 percent of enterprises will have doubled their spending on IT assets in edge locations and nearby colocation facilities instead of using core data centres to deliver digital services to local users and things.

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