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Epic To Bring Its Swedish App Store To iOS Devices In OZ?

As Apple and Fortnite creator, Epic Games, battle it out in a Melbourne court, both sides are digging their heels in even further as the 16-week trial which commenced last month continues.

Epic has previously told the court that Apple is exploiting its market monopoly by imposing strict and unjustifiable terms on app developers who want to tap into the company’s customer base in Australia.

Epic accused Apple of abusing its market power by charging 30 per cent of all money made on mobile apps and also not allowing their own payment services in an effort to “entrench, exploit and protect Apple’s monopoly of iOS distribution.”

On Tuesday this week, Apple executive Phil Schiller told the court that he had invited Epic’s CEO Tim Sweeney to convince Apple it was “acting in good faith” following moves by the game’s developer to launch a competing app store on iOS devices in Sweden under the Digital Markets Act was blocked but then reversed last month.

The court has heard that Epic could now use its Swedish app store to distribute games in Australia. “I have lots of concerns about Epic and their trustworthiness,” said Schiller.

Apple has set a precedent of cutting the fees it charges for transactions made through its payment systems and app store.

Apple has already agreed to cut its 30 per cent commission rate for Netflix and Amazon, and is also reducing the fee in South Korea and the Netherlands.

Epic’s legal battles here in Australia are emboldened by the success that it has had in overseas courts. In December, a federal jury in the US agreed with Epic in a lawsuit against Google that Google held an illegal monopoly on app distribution and in-app billing services for Android devices.

The conflict between Epic Games and Apple goes back to 2020, when Epic Games updated its Fortnite game to bypass Apple’s 30 per cent cut of App Store sales. Apple yanked Fortnite off of its stores, and Epic sued in the US to force Apple to open up its platform.

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