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Epic Games Free On New Microsoft Store

The soon to be launched Microsoft App Store on Windows already has some goodies lined-up. 

In a statement, the company said it would be introducing Epic Games into its storefront over the next few months without pinpointing a specific date.

According to Bloomberg, Epic Games will be available for free once Microsoft launches its storefront on October 5.

Microsoft’s approach is aimed at attracting content providers to its platforms by contrasting its policies with those of Apple Inc, which is in a legal dispute with Epic over fees charged in the iPhone maker’s App Store.  

“Just like any other app, third-party storefront apps will have a product detail page that can be found via search or by browsing – so that users can easily find and install it with the same confidence as any other app in the Microsoft Store on Windows. 

“Our commitment to being an ‘open Store for an open platform’ isn’t just about the various technical underpinnings of how apps are built,” the tech giant said.

“It’s also about making sure our business terms are fair and help promote innovation.  

“For instance, the Microsoft Store on Windows no longer requires app developers to share revenue with Microsoft, when apps manage their own in-app payment systems.



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