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Epic Backed By 35 US States In Apple Rematch

Epic Games has the support of 35 US states in its legal re-match against Apple, after the judge found it failed to prove Apple acts as a monopoly with its restrictive control of the iOS platform.

“The court cannot ultimately conclude that Apple is a monopolist”, Judge Yvonne Gonzalez-Rogers ruled in September, causing Epic to immediately file an official.

Last week, 35 state attorneys general, rights body Electronic Frontier Foundation, and Microsoft filed support for the appeal.

But Apple says the original ruling “affirmed what we’ve known all along – the App Store is not in violation of anti-trust law”.

“Apple faces rigorous competition in every segment in which we do business, and we believe customers and developers choose us because our products and services are the best in the world.”

Microsoft wrote in support of Epic: “Few companies have controlled the pipe through which such an enormous range of economic activity flows.”

Apple said in a statement: “We’re optimistic that the ruling will be affirmed on appeal, and that Epic’s challenge will fail.

“We remain committed to ensuring the App Store is a safe and trusted marketplace for consumers and a great opportunity for developers.”

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