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ELAC Introduces Protek: Smart Surge Protection Range

German loudspeaker manufacturer ELAC has taken a change in direction and released a series of smart surge protectors. Branded as Protek, the new range offers various devices that protect devices from power surges, as well as including features such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant and App Control.

Joe Riggi, president, and CTO of ELAC introduced the new range, stating that “This new series brings a much-needed technology upgrade to the category. With the ability to set up multiple schedules, timers, and scenario-based routines from your smartphone, the Protek line offers great flexibility and innovation to a more traditional category”.

Prices range from $39 to $599 USD, depending on included features.

Credit: ELAC

On top of eliminating issues caused by disturbances in power and protecting your electronics from power surges, ELAC have sought to implement convenience and quality of life upgrades that you would not usually find from your surge protector.

ELAC’s Protek devices aim to deliver cleaner power via RFI and EMI filtering which reduce noise caused by AC power delivery. Higher end models such as the PR-71S, PR-81B and the PR-91W are fitted with displays showing voltage levels while the latter two also show the current draw from your currently connected electronics.

The PR-91W, PB-62W and PB-12W are also compatible with the ELAC Protek app, allowing users to set countdown timers, schedules and control power levels easily from their smartphone, providing that both are connected to the same network, or via a Low Energy Bluetooth connection for users of the PR-81B.

Furthermore, for added user convenience, certain compatible models can be controlled via Alexa or the Google Home app via voice commands or touch controls.

Currently, the ELAC Protek range is only available in the US, but will hopefully reach Australia with I electric plugs in the future.

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